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01.11.2018 – Insurtech startup number 7 joins the line- up. Introducing Stable .
30.10.2018 – Tensorflight to join the ‘Insurtech Startup Live! Pitch’ line-up
25.10.2018 – RozieAI to join the ‘Insurtech Startup Live! Pitch’ line-up
19.10.2018 – OnRisk has confirmed its place in the ‘Insurtech Startup Live! Pitch’ line-up
17.10.2018 – Pleased to announce that Insurdata, Truefloodrisk and Dreyev are confirmed to join the ‘Insurtech Startup Live! Pitch’ session at 3:45. Stay tuned…more to come

In November 2017, Global Reinsurance delivered a brand-new event in Bermuda which had the island buzzing! Focused solely on innovation and insurtech, the one-day event brought together 150 delegates, 30 international speakers and six technology start-ups.

We are delighted to announce that we will be returning this year on 19th November 2018, with the aim of bringing our audience more exclusive interaction with the best and brightest innovators and leaders in this space.

As the largest insurtech event to take place in Bermuda, our mission is to bring something new, offering unparalleled access to tech entrepreneurs, investors and re/insurance incumbents.

We are delighted to welcome back Hamilton Insurance Group as our Lead Sponsor, AdvantageGo as our Lunch & Networking Partner and our partners and co-hosts, the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA).

Once again, we are teaming up with global innovation network Plug and Play as we endeavour to connect the relevant start-ups with relevant corporations.

The year 2017 brought a new trend to the industry, in relation to insurtech. Incumbents sent a clear message to potential disruptive outsiders by investing heavily in start-ups and technology. In fact, reports strongly suggest that (re)insurance companies appear to have assumed a semblance of control over the insurtech evolution.

Bermuda remains committed to this evolution by creating an environment which fosters innovation. At the end of last year, the government of Bermuda launched a blockchain task force to foster cryptocurrency commerce and this is only the beginning.

So where does it go from here? As we move through the developments and advancements 2018 will bring in this space, we look forward to bringing you a jam-packed agenda, bursting with innovative and forward-thinking concepts, in addition to some of the hottest start-ups around.

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41% of delegation was Board Level/C-Suite
40% of the companies attending were [Re]insurers

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2018 Speakers

Julia Henderson

Chief Underwriting Officer, Lutece Investment Management

Sandra De Silva

Founder, CEO and Chief Software Architect, Nova

Michael Brett

Chief Executive Officer, QxBranch

Robert Kozikowski

CEO and Co-Founder of tensorflight.com

Sean Moran

Interim CEO, BDA

Douglas Ver Mulm

Co-Founder & CEO, Stable Insurance

Moad Fahmi

Senior Advisor - Fintech, Bermuda Monetary Authorityy

Rob High

IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO, IBM Watson

Ann Petley-Jones

Founder and Owner, PetaData Holdings Ltd and Riverhead Investments Limited, and Past Group Chair and CEO of the Eastlink Bermuda Group

Pina Albo

Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Insurance Group

Giles Harlow

SVP, Professional Risk Solutions, Aon

Frank Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer; Director; Co-Founder, OnRisk

Dr Maggie Stys

Co Founder & CEO, Dreyev

Dr Roberto Sicconi

Co Founder & CTO, Dreyev

Shelly Klose

Founder & CEO, True Flood Risk

Jason Futers

Chief Executive Officer, Insurdata

John Racher

Vice President & Head of UK Operations, AdvantageGo

Ari Chatterjee

Chief Underwriting Officer, Envelop

Kerr Kennedy

Executive Director, EY Bermuda

Karen Morris

Strategic Advisor specializing in innovation strategy and execution

Jacqueline LeSage Krause

Managing Director of Munich Re / HSB Ventures

Adrian Bentley

Managing Director, Analyze Re

Sudha Meghan

Co-Founder & CEO, RozieAi

Stephan Ruoff

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, TMR

Anup Seth

Managing Director, Aon Insurance Managers (Bermuda)

Kathleen Reardon

Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Re

Chris Garrod

Director, Conyers Dill & Pearman

Sophie Roberts

Associate Publisher, Global Reinsurance and conference 'Chair'

Chris Maiato

Principal – Advisory Services, EY Bermuda

A fantastic event which had an innovative approach and amazing speakers – I look forward to attending next year!

Kevin Richards, Business Development Manager, BDA

It was exciting to see not only how innovative companies are being with data and tech, but also how interested the Bermuda market was in these innovations!

Paul McLeod, President, Bespoke Software

The Bermuda Innovation and Insurtech Conference was a perfect way for our West Coast company to connect with reinsurance professionals from Bermuda and beyond. We are excited to see the Bermuda reinsurance community take such an interest in InsureTech startups and support them by creating events like this that bring both sides together to collaborate.

Max Drucker, CEO, Carpe Data

One of the best conferences I have attended in Bermuda in a long time. Topics very relevant and with the start-up pitches at the end kept things exciting and they were really good to listen to.

Melissa Logie, , Manager of Finance, Zurich Insurance Company

I really appreciated that the audience could ask questions throughout the presentations so as to focus on topics of interest.

Amy Peniston, Catastrophe Modelling Analyst, Hamilton Re

The Innovation conference was a wonderful gathering of reinsurers and startups. It was large enough to present multiple opportunities to connect, yet small enough to meet and chat with almost everyone. If you want to connect the reinsurance community in Bermuda, the Bermuda Innovation & Insurtech conference is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Bob Frady, CEO, HazardHub