Innovation, and within that InsurTech, has become a vital lifeline for the industry to ensure its relevance and maintain its competitiveness in a constantly evolving marketplace. As the re/insurance sector faces threats from industries outside this market, the need to embrace new technologies and advancements in the InsurTech space has never been more timely.

The Bermuda market is poised to look to InsurTech as it plots the market’s evolution and already, we’ve seen several large investments in this space from the Island. It is in light of these factors that Global Reinsurance decided to bring the discussion of Innovation & InsurTech to Bermuda.

Why did we bring a brand new event to Bermuda focused on Innovation & InsurTech? Global Reinsurance has raised the debate in London and more recently in Dubai. We don’t ask the industry to speak to itself…we build agendas that bring the outside in with entrepreneurs, disruptors, tech geeks, scientists and investors – and add them to the mix. We tap in to the energy of those who see the potential and know the potential.

Following InsurTech Connect in Las Vegas in October 2017, which attracted 3,800 people, we were delighted to be able to bring a number of the best InsurTech Startups to Bermuda Innovation & InsurTech – to pitch in a live session. Following questions from the judges, the audience voted and we are delighted to announce the winner as ‘Understory’.

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Hamilton Insurance Group has chosen Global Reinsurance’s Innovation & Insurtech conference as the first such event for which Hamilton is the Lead Sponsor. As a Bermuda-based company whose mission is grounded in data science and analytics, we’re pleased to support an initiative that will examine the effect that disruptive technology is having on the insurance and reinsurance industry, enabling conversation and networking among those charting the future of the sector. James Hobson, CEO of Attune (the technology-enabled platform joint venture that Hamilton has established with AIG and Two Sigma), will be among the speakers participating in this important event.

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Kathleen Reardon

Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Re

Leona Lik

Global Product Development Leader, Managing Director, Aon Risk Services

Michael Tessalone

Head of Business & Corporate Development, Two Sigma Insurance Quantified

Hubert H. Byron III (Coy) #STARTUP

Director of Customer Solutions, Omniscience

Kathleen Faries

Head of the Bermuda branch, Tokio Millennium Re AG

Dan Woods

CEO, Socotra

Dermot O’Donohoe

CEO, Hamilton at Lloyd’s

Nick Cardinez

CFO, Hannover Re (Bermuda)

Alex Kubicek #Startup

CEO, Understory

Bob Frady #Startup

CEO, HazardHub

Will Dove #Startup

Chief Executive Officer, Extraordinary Re

Max Drucker #Startup

CEO, {Carpe Data

Satadru Sengupta #Startup

General Manager, Insurance, DataRobot

Sophie Roberts

Associate Publisher, Global Reinsurance and conference 'Chair'

Michael Gertsch

Chief Operating Officer, DemystData

James Tootell

Director, Eos Venture Partners

Chris Maiato

Principal – Advisory Services, EY Bermuda

Hutch Moragne

Corporate Partnerships Manager, Plug and Play Tech Center

Stuart Lacey

Founder & CEO, Trunomi

Ross Webber


Laura Taylor

Managing Partner and CFO, Nephila Capital

Justin Willmott

Vice President, Sovereign Risk Insurance

Julia Henderson

Senior Vice President, BRIT Insurance

Craig Hollingworth

Co-Founder, Concirrus

James Hobson

CEO, Attune

Stephen Weinstein

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, RenaissanceRe

Craig Swan

Managing Director, Supervision, BMA

Adrian Jones

Head of Strategy & Development, SCOR Global P&C