Dr Roberto Sicconi

Co Founder & CTO, Dreyev

Dr Roberto Sicconi

Co Founder & CTO, Dreyev


Lifetime goal: “reinvent” human-machine interfaces by creative integration of silicon technology, signal processing, communication protocols, distributed-computing, smart dialog management.

Co-Founder of dreyev LLC
Dreyev is a real-time driver attention monitoring, coaching and management system to prevent distracted and drowsy driving. Safer driving behavior prevents crashes and enables fairer and more accurate risk-based insurance policy pricing. Loss prevention, risk mitigation, driving coaching bot.

Co-Founder of TeleLingo LLC
Live interactive, remote one-on-one tutoring of foreign languages, English as a Second Language, pronunciation and negotiation skills refinement for business professionals). Smart videoconferencing, blended learning, tools for cadenced practice and automated progress monitoring.

Co-Founder and CSO at Infermedica Inc., to empower Healthcare Companies with Artificial Intelligence and Smart Heath Advisory Bots.

Board Advisor at SoundBite Inc.
SoundBite Inc. is aiming to end social isolation in the mobile world by re-establishing the human connection with your friends and family.

– Extensive knowledge of Computer Architectures, Mobile and Interactive Entertainment devices for access to information anytime, anywhere, via human-friendly interfaces.
– Leadership role in Automotive sector, directing key projects with top OEMs and Tier-1s to advance state of the art of Driver Safety, Navigation, Infotainment, Connected-Car Telematics and Location-based Services.
– Extensive experience in launching and managing new business initiatives around IBM Watson Question-Answering Technology to address multi-$B level opportunities in Healthcare and Automated Customer Support.
– Over two decades of experience in establishing multi-year multi-million customer engagements across Europe/Asia/ US, leveraging multiple IBM and Customer R&D organizations.

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