Dr Maggie Stys

Co Founder & CEO, Dreyev

Dr Maggie Stys

Co Founder & CEO, Dreyev


I am passionate about Human Centric Computing and delighted to live at a time when bots have finally graduated from being entertaining to becoming useful in people’s lives. Over the last 10 years, AI has experienced incredible growth and wide adoption in everyday applications. Dreyev (“drive”) is a prime example of AI technology integration.

Telematics devices have been on the rise within the auto insurance industry. However, in-vehicle driver coaching is only just emerging. Most insurers use in-car sensors to collect driver data to incentivize certain behaviors or curate an insurance product. A system to monitor and correct driver behavior like the one dreyev offers can present carriers with the opportunity to take telematics into the realm of loss prevention and risk mitigation. IoT and sensors go beyond helping insurers reduce claims; they also provide opportunities for new forms of consumer engagement and ways of broadening the insurance product experience beyond covering losses.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Styś is interested in disruptive business models and emerging global markets. Over the last two decades, she has been leading high tech initiatives across industry and technology partners. Today she is on a mission to cut the number of preventable crashes.

Co-Founder of Dreyev LLC
Dreyev is a real-time driver attention monitoring, coaching and management system to prevent distracted and drowsy driving. Safer driving behavior prevents crashes and enables fairer and more accurate risk-based insurance policy pricing. Loss prevention, risk mitigation, driving coaching bot.

Co-Founder of TeleLingo LLC
Live interactive, remote one-on-one tutoring of foreign languages, English as a Second Language, pronunciation and negotiation skills refinement for business professionals). Smart videoconferencing, blended learning, tools for cadenced practice and automated progress monitoring.

Co-Founder and CSO at Heliantus
Empowering kids with K-12 education.

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