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Day 1
19 Nov 2018



Welcome from GR and opening remarks

Welcome from our Co-Hosts: Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)

Sophie Roberts

Opening speech

The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP


The world revolution of artificial intelligence
Rob High


A changing (re)insurance world: 2017 vs 2018 vs 2019

Are you ready to adapt to a new digital environment? What are the best strategies to do this?

Hear from industry leaders about the lessons they learned in 2017; what works, what doesn’t; current successes and challenges in 2018; and how you should be thinking about the future of your business.


The Inspiration Injection

Panel led by Hamilton Insurance Group



Enabling innovation through regulation | Embracing possibility, boosting innovation

Bermuda has a leading position in (re)insurance, captives and insurance-linked securities. That has been achieved by taking steps to move forward and gain a lead over other jurisdictions, but how to stay relevant when the industry is changing so much and the insurtech tsunami is here?
• Blockchain and the move toward ICO regulation to create an environment of regulatory certainty
• Regulation as an enabler to turn Bermuda into a global leader in the fintech and insurtech space
• The impact of external influences in Bermuda and how to remain relevant


Analytics for insurance - turning data into your business’ most useful tool

The use of big data analytics in insurance presents exponential opportunities for the industry. Improved understanding of risks can better inform risk reduction, enhance insurability and streamline the overall business transaction process.

However, the (re)insurance industry is facing major challenges when trying to put the vast amounts of data they possess into usable formats. In addition, individuals, firms and regulators face complex trade-offs when balancing the benefits and risks of using personal data from digital sources to calculate insurance premiums. The panel will discuss:

· Big data and its implications for innovation and privacy
· Data processing, cloud processing and turning data into a useable format
· The significance of better risk selection and pricing on this industry and all its players
Anup Seth



Business culture discussion | Designing a workforce for the future of (re)insurance

(Re)insurers need workforces that are lean, agile and willing to embrace change to thrive in an environment of digital disruption and rising customer expectations. And they will require scarce data science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills to drive digital transformation of their businesses.

• Do (re)insurers have an edge in the talent war?
• What’s the secret on talent acquisition development, re-skilling and retention?
• If the workforce of the future is going to demonstrate a marked increase in the use if robotics, then do we need to consider ethics?


Driving opportunities for insurers through artificial intelligence

IoT and AI are focal points for (re)insurance investment and it remains a key strategic priority for (re)insurers as they seek to improve in a competitive market environment. Hear and learn the lessons from an early adopter followed by a panel to discuss the practicalities
•What are the current uses of AI within (re)insurance?
•What are the current issues within (re)insurance coverages that may be impacted through the use of AI?
•Transforming insurance business model through AI and its consequences




Innovation in action | Bringing next generation technology to the rescue: augmented, virtual & mixed realities

Augmented and virtual reality are already considerable impacting the (re)insurance industry with implications spanning risk mitigation, improved efficiency and loss ratios, and enhanced customer service. However, the main risks associated with VR, AR and MR are many and varied and become more complex with each iteration.
•What are the application on property and CAT loss prediction?
•Is mixed reality the new paradigm?
•Revolutionizing the stakeholder experience through AR and VR
•The future of enhancing predictive analysis


5x6 pitches from the next generation

Six start-ups with some of the hottest and most disruptive ideas have five-minute to pitch their great products to you and our panel of experts.
You can choose your favourite one!