We’re on a mission to prove that insurance innovation is more than just a possibility: it’s happening here and now!  With a little bit of fresh thinking – and taking inspiration from both inside and outside of insurance – an industry oldie is just as capable of starting a mini-revolution as a start-up.


Share ideas and envision the future


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Registration will commence from 08:30. Coffee and breakfast pastries will be served with our compliments.
Day 1
06 Nov 2017


Welcome from Global Reinsurance [GR] and opening remarks | Reinsurance and ILS at the forefront of insurtech and providing capacity. Welcome from our Co-Hosts: Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) | The importance of innovation and insurtech in Bermuda’s evolution as a global marketplace


The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Bringing the outside in

What are other industries doing that (re)insurance is missing? How is prioritising innovation internally helping businesses and whole industries to rapidly grow?  

PANEL DISCUSSION: Transforming your company into the (re)insurer of the future: the threats, opportunities and what are we waiting for?

The necessity to identify the threat from large corporations outside of (re)insurance that are able to provide competitive cover through evolving technology When thinking about the future, how important are new technologies when it comes to driving efficiencies in back office processes for the business models of the future Understanding developments in data capture, and analytics and new approaches to underwriting risk and predicting loss Concerns over regulation uncertainty in light of the new dynamics new technology brings The role of the broker in opening up the transaction process to developments in insurtech Harnessing the talent and skills to implement the changes brought about by insurtech and other innovations The willingness to invest in new technologies – can ILS play a bigger role here?
Alex Winfield
Sam Evans
Adrian Jones


Hamilton Insurance Group senior representative – to be announced


PANEL DISCUSSION: How to effectively deploy capital into the FinTech/InsurTech space and why Bermuda is well-placed to do this

Facilitating investment for the growing number of InsurTech start-ups as an investment strategy Shifting mindset of the investor Why is Bermuda is an ideal ‘test bed’ for this activity Fintech/Insurtech investment as a diversification strategy for re/insurers
Laura Taylor
Julia Henderson

PRESENTATION AND PANEL DISCUSSION: Supervision, regulation and the impact of external influences in Bermuda

Bermuda’s regulatory environment is poised to enhance business opportunities and innovation on the Island and address important questions, for example: How do you regulate Blockchain? How do you establish tech start-ups on the Island? However, external geo-political issues are clouding the horizon and regulatory caution might be necessary. Chaired by: Ross Webber, ceo, BDA Presentation delivered by: Craig Swan, managing director, supervision (insurance), BMA Panellists: Stephen Weinstein, general counsel and chief compliance officer, RenaissanceRe Stuart Lacey, Founder & CEO, Trunomi  
Stuart Lacey
Ross Webber
Stephen Weinstein
Craig Swan


Pick and mix: choose the hot topic discussion of your choice – DISTRIBUTIVE LEDGER TECHNOLOGY OR BIG DATA

*A | DISTRIBUTIVE LEDGER TECHNOLOGY: TRANSFORMING TRANSACTION CHAINS AND INFRASTRUCTURE – Reinsurers are increasingly focusing on improving operational efficiencies to help sustain and improve profitability. How can the development and use of distributive ledgers provide the industry a leading role in a digital economy? Discuss how this technology can be applied to current reinsurance processes, including transactions. **B | BIG DATA: THE BIG INSURANCE QUESTIONS – Big data is potentially the most significant digital-era innovation affection the (re)insurance industry. How is it transforming business behaviours, operations and business models? Learn how big data & analytics is impacting our industry and why you shouldn’t ignore it!
Craig Hollingworth

Pick and mix: choose the hot topic discussion of your choice – WIN THE WAR FOR THE IOT OR CYBER INSURANCE

*A | (RE) INSURERS TO ARMS: ARE YOU READY TO WIN THE WAR FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS? – The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the business world. Enabling pinpoint accuracy in underwriting and deeper customer relationships, it should be a game-changer for insurance. But are insurers and brokers the people who are ready to make it the most of it? **B |  CYBER INSURANCE: RISK MANAGEMENT INNOVATION – Cyber insurance keeps growing in Bermuda but there is still room for even further growth. How does cyber insurance looks and how it can help to prevent financial and reputational losses?  


START-UPS LIVE! 4×5 pitches from the next generation in Bermuda Insurtech

Four start-ups with some of the hottest and most disruptive ideas have 5 minutes to pitch their great products to you and our panel of experts. You can choose your favourite one!

PANEL DISCUSSION: The audience decides…

The audience will pick from the following topics during the day using our live voting technology, Slido, and choose what our carefully selected panellists will discuss. By curating the final panel discussion of the day, we are ensuring the conference closes by covering major points of interest: Practical implications: Hype vs Impact Upskilling human capital to maintain relevance in growing age of technology Build, buy or partner – how do companies decide the best strategy for them?
Hutch Moragne


Details to be confirmed

closing remarks

Closing remarks from Global Reinsurance [GR] and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA)